Tropical Fun

Here are a few highlights of a party we recently styled. I have an awesome husband that took these detailed pics. Some of the most important elements in fashioning a party? Color and detail!
I wish we had gotten a shot of the delicious tropical smoothies made by the host! With all the color and delicious food we felt tropical indeed!





Halloween Glam

Halloween Glam

I decided this year’s Halloween theme needed a bit of glamour! Nothing scary nothing spooky! And definitely nothing orange! Made my version of the classic whoopie pies with the help of my twins and told them no tricks only treats!

Princess Party!

This year my twins turned seven. I tossed the idea around about party themes and even thought I might skip this year altogether! Then at the last minute my husband and I decided to go for it! And when I say last minute I mean 2 weeks out! That’s right 2 weeks! Fortunately, I already had most of the items on hand and a graphic designer friend. I wanted to make this party really fun and pretty.
So with a beautiful bolt of fabric and some great ideas I got right to planning.

I asked my friend to design the invites, banner, and toppers based off the pinks and greens of the fabrics. This was to be a small all girl party so what could be more fitting than princess? My idea of princess that is-NOT Disney’s! I think it turned out pretty great, all the girls I mean princesses had a blast eating their princess lunch, coloring what they think a princess should look like, playing musical throne room chairs, getting princess pedicures, and dancing their princess butts off!

Let me know what you think!






4th of July

Details from our 4th of July Party!

Had a blast celebrating and eating!

So thankful to Paper and Pigtails for their

free printables! We chose to put popcorn and

a ring pop in the push pop to keep in line

with our “let freedom ring” theme!